18 Million Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales in First 12-Months – Preorders Apparently Going Six-Times Well

18 Million Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales in First 12-Months – Preorders Apparently Going Six-Times WellGrand Theft Auto is set to launch on September 15th and judging by the success of earlier preorders is destined run circles around GTA 4 in terms of sale performance. Grand Theft Auto 4 may have chalked up an exceptional 25 million sales since its release in April 2008, but GTA 5 looks set to rewrite the record-book with a projected 18 million unit sales in its first 12-months alone.

That’s over 49,000 copies of GTA 5 per day or just over one copy sold every two seconds.

The lofty estimate comes courtesy of the Cowen Group and given the hype surrounding GTA 5 isn’t a difficult figure to believe.

Rockstar is of course keeping decidedly mum on the specifics in terms of preorder number and its own sales projections. However, one Strauss Zelnick of Take Two has gone on record this week to say that early orders for GTA 5 are performing “very, very, very, very, very, very well.” You can reach your own conclusions as to have made units a six-very statement amounts to, but suffice to say they’re clearly bowled over.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is to launch on both PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms at the same time, followed by a PC release a few months later. Along with every single element of the GTA experience having been refined and enhanced for the new-generation installment, GTA 5 will also feature three fully-playable characters that must interact and collaborate on various missions.

Gameplay still remains something of a mystery, though the various GTA 5 trailers and teasers released to date suggest the action will take place on land, in the air and for the first time even underwater.

No word has yet been offered as to when and how GTA will migrated from the current-generation consoles to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though it’s looking increasingly likely that it will be Grand Theft Auto 6 that debuts on the newbies in a few years time.