EA Gives Wii U the Cold Shoulder – Frostbite 2 Not Happening, Major Titles Ruled Out

EA Gives Wii U the Cold Shoulder – Frostbite 2 Not Happening, Major Titles Ruled OutThe Wii U was never designed to be the most blisteringly powerful console in the history of history, but nor was its lack of grunt under the hood expected to hold it back quite so severely. Having failed to get off to even a modest start in terms of sales, talk of the Wii U’s future progress being massively stunted by insufficient power spells yet more bad luck for the console.

This time around the, disappointing news comes from an EA developer who after testing EA Dice’s Frostbite 2 engine with the Wii U reported performance that was “not too promising” according to his Twitter posting. He also confirmed that the Wii U doesn’t run Frostbite 3 and the Electronic Arts in his own words doesn’t intend to “go down that path”.

What the above translates to is a pretty crushing blow for the Wii U as a significant proportion of EA’s upcoming games at the top-end of the market will be built around Frostbite 3. As such, chances of any of these titles being ported to the Wii U are slim to none – just at a time when the Wii U is hanging by a thread and in desperate need of new-generation titles.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that all upcoming Star Wars console games will be made by EA following the firm scoring the rights to the franchise. Nintendo has historically taken home impressive sales of LucasArts games, but this time around could be left out of the party altogether.

The year to date for the Nintendo Wii has gone from bad to worse, with sales having started poorly and tapered off dangerously ever since. Increasing Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 chatter is quickly turning the attention of the consumer public away from Nintendo and shy of either a miracle or a flurry of stupendous popular game launches, the fate of the Wii U is beginning to look like a depressingly foregone conclusion.