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iOS 7 Beta 7 Up in the Air, and Questions Surround iOS 7 for iPad Release Date

August 20, 2013 by Frank Jed in Technology with 0 Comments

iOS 7 Beta 7 Up in the Air, and Questions Surround iOS 7 for iPad Release Date

iOS 7 beta 7 may not be released after all, while the tablet version of iOS 7 for Apple’s iPad line may see its release date pushed back a bit to the time when Apple debuts its iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 tablets, according to two reports.

The first report, from German site, claims that Apple’s beta initiative for iOS 7 has fully commenced, meaning that there won’t be any further beta versions rolled out beyond beta 6.  As the report did not cite anybody by name, it’s advisable to take it with a grain of salt, as nothing remains final at this point.  There still might be a chance iOS 7 beta 7 will be rolled out to developers later on in the month, as previously reported.

Still, beta 7 or not, it looks quite probable that Apple will be rolling out yet another beta version; in other words, we could be seeing what should have been iOS 7 beta 7 as the so-called “Golden Master” for iOS 7 rolling out on September 10.  The Golden Master, or GM, allows developers to use the final code for iOS 7 to test applications they may have designed for the new platform.  Apple’s iPhone and iPad lines, as well as the iPod touch, are all on the sixth beta version of iOS as rumors remain rampant of beta 7 getting somehow released today.

Rumors of the iOS 7 iPad update getting pushed back come from a separate source, 9to5Mac, which suggests that developers have found iOS 7 for the iPad to be “unstable and unreliable” in comparison to beta versions released thus far for the iPhone.  This is somehow supported by previous events, such as the first iOS 7 beta for the iPad rolling out two weeks after the first one for the iPhone.  The 9to5Mac report suggests that iOS 7.0.1 iPad could be rolled out after iOS 7 is released for the iPhone, and may debut alongside the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 in October at a special Apple event.

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