Microsoft Surface Plus and Xbox Surface – Picking Up Where the Pro Flopped-Off.

Microsoft Surface Plus and Xbox Surface – Picking Up Where the Pro Flopped-Off.There’s really no two ways about it – Microsoft needs to pull an absolute blinder to regain the world’s interest in the Surface Tablet range. The Surface Pro set out to be the Ferrari of the tablet PC world and in doing so alienated about 99.9% of the standard consumer public – it’s no use impressing them with stats and figures if they can’t afford to buy one.

And as for the Surface RT, you have to wonder what Microsoft was thinking by offering a mid-range tablet with a lackluster OS for a price that was and still is way higher than its far more capable Android and iOS rivals. It was doomed to failure and so it went on prove, in near-record time.

So, this time around they’ve no choice but to find a happy-medium that strikes the right chord with the world’s major consumer markets – could the Microsoft Surface Plus be the tablet to right two glaring wrongs?

Well, the company clearly has big things planned for its tablet PC roadmap and will be directing much focus to the subject at is upcoming BUILD conference set to kick off on June 26th. As far as products go, word on the street is that a pair of new Microsoft Surface Tablets will be introduced at the show, of which one will apparently be the Surface Plus and the other an Xbox Surface built with gaming in mind.

And as the latter of the two caters for a smaller niche, all eyes are firmly on the Surface Plus.

In terms of specs and features, it’s all a case of educated guesswork but that of course hasn’t stopped the plucky masses from having a stab. Based loosely around what Microsoft must deliver this time around in conjunction with one or two leaks, the Surface Plus is expected to land with a 7-inch screen packing 1,400 by 1,500 resolution, 4G LTE connectivity, a full-fat version of Windows 8 (or Windows Blue?) and a quite unstoppably tempting price tag of around the $300 mark.

Production of the Surface Plus is prohected to step up after the summer, which once again means we could be looking at a post-Christmas release date in the early months of next year.

There’s also talk of Microsoft planning to try its luck again with an even bigger 11-inch Surface Tablet, but chances are they won’t be looking to go down that road again quite as quickly.