Upcoming Honda Ridgeline Might Take Inspiration from 2014 Acura MDX

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Upcoming Honda Ridgeline Might Take Inspiration from 2014 Acura MDX

The Honda Ridgeline is a truck that is probably one of those that really, really need a makeover.  And we’re not just talking about exterior appearance, which is stating the obvious.  Even the vehicle’s engine needs to be overhauled – Honda has stuck with a similar chassis and engine setup since the release of the 2006 Ridgeline.  And that’s basically a twist on the Acura MDX and Honda Odyssey platform, albeit redesigned to meet truck specifications.  For the 2014 model, Honda might offer a radically different Ridgeline, but what in specific could the Japanese carmaker have in mind?

When pressed about the topic, Honda hasn’t provided much information so far, and it isn’t even 100 percent sure whether Honda will stick it out with the Ridgeline.  If Honda does, there’s no guarantee the vehicle will be revamped.  Some rumors, however, suggest that the Ridgeline will take a one to two year hiatus, as Honda tries to figure out how to make it a more feasible alternative to larger pickup trucks.

As mentioned above, there’s a chance Honda would be revamping the Ridgeline, and a more recent report suggests some design cues and clues in the 2014 Acura MDX could be a foreshadowing of a Ridgeline refresh, even if both vehicles are of different types.  For one, the Ridgeline is presently being manufactured in Lincoln, Ala., which is where similar vehicles such as the MDX, Odyssey and Pilot are produced.  This could be a sign that Honda isn’t giving up yet on its “pickup trucklet.”

Here’s where opinion comes in – the above report, from news.pickuptrucks.com, added some opinions on what Honda should do to improve the Ridgeline aside from stick to its guns and base the small pickup on the MDX.  The site believes that a Ridgeline refresh would have to be “lighter and stronger” while offering additional fuel economy, perhaps through a smaller and/or economical engine.  Other areas that need improvement include special features, storage options and a more attractive overall design that appeals to “traditional pickup buyers” rather than its niche market.